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We need your pppoker ID number when you buy chips, please see below on how to to retrieve your ID number.


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You can qualify online for the Royal Poker Tournament prize package which includes: An Ocean View cabin for two and one entry to the RPT Main Event

sign up now online at  using card room code is 445381

Just 3 easy steps

download to your phone, tablet or desktop computer

Join The Royal Poker Card room using code 445381

Buy chips using the paypal button below, you do not need a paypal account just click on “use debit credit card”

Don’t forget to put your pppoker ID number in your transaction, this is found in your profile on pppoker (bottom of home screen)

The best way to follow what is happening in the card room is to follow me on twitter here


Frequently asked questions

If I win an online satellite can I transfer it to someone else?

Yes if you win an online satellite the package is transferable. Providing the transfer is made before August 31st 2019.

If I already have a RPT package for  this year can I transfer it to next year, Yes

I am from the USA how am I able to play? The card room is specifically set up for players to win RPT prizes. So when you cash in your chips it will be for RPT prizes only. This is why players from the USA can play.

So how does it work? You buy chips at a rate of $1 to 1 chip using the paypal button.The Chips to your pppoker account and the chips are used to buy into the tournaments.

What online card room are you using? The online poker site is and the code for the card room is 445381. Only RPT players (or their guests) can play in the card room and membership must be approved by Daniel Samson card room owner/operator.

How can I join? join, search for RPT card room with code 445381. Once you apply to join the card room I will approve membership once you have purchased chips on using the paypal button

How do I buy chips? buy chips above using Pay Pal

So what games will you have? Tournaments from $20 to $100 and cash games. The $20 game is known as a feeder, they supply winners to the $100 game and the $100 game guarantees at least one RPT package ($3,100 value) The best way to follow what is happening in the card room is to follow me on twitter here

So how many prizes are given out in the tournaments? for each 3100 collected a RPT package is given. So if 6200 is collected then the 1st/2nd place receive the package. If more than 3100 is collected the extra money will be spit to 2nd and 3rd place (70%-30%)

Cash Games? Yes we host cash games in the online room. Players are able to cash out for RPT packages/RPT tournament entries or players can cash out during the RPT  live event in poker cash chips. Cash game players can play as normal, but winnings must be cash out for the RPT cruise. If you already have a RPT package then your pppoker chips can be cashed out on board during the live event

So if I already have a RPT package can I still play? Yes players who already have an RPT package are able to cash any and all of their pppoker chips in the card room on board the live RPT event.

So I can win chips any way I choose and then cash them in for a prize once I have enough? Yes exactly, see below for the prizes and cost.

What are cost of the RPT prizes?

3100 chips = *Royal Poker Tournament package Ocean View cabin for 2 and one entry into the RPT Main Event.

2100 chips = Ocean View Cabin for the RPT event only, no poker entry.

1000 chips = RPT Main Event poker entry only, no cruise.

500 chips = $500 Highroller entry during the RPT cruise.

Less than 500 chips can be exchanged in the RPT card room during the live event.

Can I cash in my chips anytime? Yes, you can cash your chips anytime with the card room owner/operator Daniel Samson and the prize you choose will be processed.

*cruise booked directly with Royal Caribbean port taxes and fees still to pay

*If DannySamson wins the satellite a free package is added to the next satellite