Royal Poker Tournament

Qualify/Play Online

Online RPT chips
Pokerbros ID number needed


We will need your POKERBROS ID number to process your chips, please see below on how to to retrieve your ID number.


user ID number is circled in red








You can qualify online for the 2020 Royal Poker Tournament prize package which includes:  Stateroom for two and one entry to the RPT Main Event

sign up now online at  once you have downloaded the app, please apply to join card room 445381


Just 3 easy steps

download to your phone or tablet

Join The Royal Poker Card room using code 445381

Buy chips using the paypal button above, you do not need a paypal account just click on “use debit credit card”

Don’t forget to put your pokerbros ID number in your transaction, this is found in your pokerbros profile 

The best way to follow what is happening in the card room is to follow me on twitter here

You will not be approved for the card room until you have bought chips using the pay pal button. Please join the room and then buy chips using your ID number, your membership will be approved and your chips deposited into your account.


Frequently asked questions

If I win an online satellite can I transfer it to someone else? The first package you win can not be transferred. Any additional packages won can be transferred.

So how does it work in the online room? You buy chips at a rate of $1 (US dollar) to 1 chip using the paypal button.The Chips are deposited to your pokerbros account and the chips are used to buy into tournaments and cash games.

How can I join? join search for the RPT card room with code 445381. Once you have a pokerbros ID number purchase chips on paypal include your ID number. You then apply to join card room 445381,  your membership will be approved and the chips will be deposited into your account.

So what games will you have? Cash tournaments, cash games and weekly RPT satellite tournaments.

For card room updates please follow me on twitter here

How do I cash out?

You can cash your chips out on board during the live RPT event, or cash out to paypal (please direct cash out requests to [email protected]

So I can win chips any way I choose and then cash them in for a cruise once I have enough, and if I’ve already won a cruise I can cash out any of my chips on board during the live event or on paypal? Yes exactly

*cruise booked directly with Royal Caribbean port taxes and fees still to pay